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Our Process and the Steps Involved to get your new roof. We will help you every step of the way…

1. Call us for a free inspection 303-722-1223.

2. We will give you our opinion on your roof. Usually it will be in good condition, need a minor repair or have storm damage.

3. If you have damage or need a repair, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for repair or full replacement and recommend an insurance claim submittal.

4. We can meet your insurance adjuster on your behalf.

5. Compare our estimate to the insurance estimate

6. If insurance missed any items, we will submit on your behalf the supplements prior to beginning work for insurance approval.

7. Once missed items are approved and you feel we have earned the job, we will ask you to sign a contract for the agreed upon price negotiated with the insurance company

8. Schedule project once the first insurance check clears (may take longer if mortgage company is on the check).

9. Schedule roof project

10. Delivery material

11. Collect down payment only after material has been delivered, usually the amount of the first insurance check plus ½ deductible.

12. Install roof.

13. We send roof completion notice to the insurance company.

14. Insurance calls you to confirm work completed and sends final check. This may have Mortgage company listed on the check and may need mortgage company final inspection and paperwork completed.

15. You pay remaining balance.

16. We send you final paperwork warranties, paid in full receipt, etc.