Insurance Claims

Hail and wind damage are considered covered perils on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most insurance companies will pay the full replacement cost, less your deductible, for replacing the roof if it is significantly damaged by one of these two perils. Rosner Roofing specializes in weather related damage repair and replacement; including exterior roofing, gutters, siding and exterior painting.

If requested, will work with your insurance company and meet with your insurance adjuster. Our involvement prevents you from getting stuck with a low settlement that will not cover your costs, or even worse, getting denied. With Rosner Roofing you pay no out-of-pocket expense other than your insurance deductible. We agree to accept what your insurance company will pay for the claim, including your deductible, and ensure the highest quality repair or replacement.

Most insurance carriers write estimates stating if there is a difference between the insurance estimate and the contractor’s estimate, then you need to inform them before work begins. If you choose Rosner Roofing, we get any code or missed estimate items pre-approved by your insurance carrier, and agree to a final price BEFORE work begins.

The benefit of this service is that you know exactly how much compensation you will receive from your insurance carrier in advance and not an over-inflated roof bill at the end of the job where you could be held paying the difference. This often happens when a roofer installs code upgrades, but does not get them pre-approved, only to find out your policy does not cover code upgrades and passes the expense on to you.

Inexperienced Roofing Sales is a numbers game. As a former insurance adjuster I have to tell you that almost every roofer I met on a claim knew nothing on how to assess hail damage on roof shingles. From the roofer’s standpoint, they have nothing to lose by having you turn in an insurance claim, because at some point they know that an adjuster will eventually pay for a roof with little or no hail damage. In this scenario, you are then obligated to use them because you signed a contract that was contingent upon insurance approval. If you do find yourself signing a roofing contract, and you are having second thoughts about the contract you signed, Colorado state law gives you three business days to terminate the contract.

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